Conveyancing Manual

DBL Conveyancing Manual

The DBL Conveyancing Manual is now available on our website. This guide assists agents and clients with precedent clauses which can be adopted to suit the particular circumstances of each individual contract. They focus on the most common circumstances not dealt with under the standard Terms of Contract.

Link to DBL Solicitors Conveyancing Manual

The Manual also contains tips on how to draft Special Conditions in Residential Contracts to avoid Contract disputes. Special Conditions supplement the Standard Terms of Contract published by the REIQ in relation to residential Contracts for the sale of land and residential units in Queensland.

These clauses should assist you in drafting properly worded contracts and avoid contract disputes. We strongly recommend however that you do not simply use the precedents as they appear in the manual as they will always require adaptation to suit the individual circumstances of the particular sale or purchase. Please contact us if you have any queries about any aspect of the clauses.

A range of other articles covering property law and conveyancing which may be of assistance to you is also available on our website :

Conveyancing – Time is of the essence

When buying a residential house or unit, many buyers don’t realise that dates in the contract aren’t just important; they are critical. The standard contracts relating to the purchase of residential real estate in Queensland contain “time is of the essence” clauses. In short, in conveyancing, “time is of the essence” means a day late is too late.

Conveyancing – Electronic Settlements

DBL Solicitors partnered with PEXA, the leading national electronic settlement provider a number of years ago and are now successfully completing online settlements on behalf of our clients.

Purchasing a Property with a Pool

There are very strict rules relating to transactions involving properties with pools in Queensland. Responsibility for compliance with the rules can be shifted from a Seller to a Buyer in certain circumstances. Please contact us if you have any questions about your rights and responsibilities if you are buying or selling a property which includes a swimming pool.

Contaminated Land – Duty to Notify

Sellers of land in Queensland must be aware of their obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (Qld).  Under this Act, a seller must, before a contract is entered into, disclose to any potential buyer if the property is listed on the Environmental Management Register or the Contaminated Land Register. Failure to do so can among other things, see the contract avoided by the buyer.

Disclose Unregistered Title Encumbrances

Sellers of Real Estate should also be aware of the need to disclose to the buyer any encumbrances that affect the property. This disclosure must be provided prior to the buyer/s signing the contract. Again – failure to do so can see the contract avoided by the buyer.

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