Queensland Electronic Conveyancing


Electronic Conveyancing will be mandated in Queensland, from 20 February 2023

Electronic Conveyancing will be mandated in Queensland, from 20 February 2023.

This means that certain documents relating to Property transactions such as Transfers, Mortgages, Caveats, Priority Notices and Transmissions by Death will need to be prepared, signed, settled and lodged electronically unless a valid exemption in relation to a specific transaction applies.  

The proposed exemptions include situations such as when one party is self-represented or when the document is not physically able to be lodged electronically.

There will be a grace period, during which documents executed prior to the mandatory commencement period can still be lodged as a paper document.

DBL Solicitors has been a member of the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) for many years.  It is through this platform that we conduct our Electronic Conveyancing and have witnessed first-hand some of the many benefits experienced by our clients when settling and lodging in this way. These benefits include the general streamlining of the conveyancing process, quicker settlements and greater efficiencies in coordinating the various parties to a transaction including lenders. Further, gone are the days of waiting for bank cheques to clear with funds being transferred securely and electronically through PEXA.

We are excited about this major change to the conveyancing process and look forward to helping even more of our clients settle their transactions electronically into the future.

Please contact DBL Solicitors for further information specific to your conveyancing needs.

Taylah Bruce

Taylah Bruce DBL Solicitors