Why use a Family Law solicitor?

Family Law Solicitor

Why use a solicitor for my Family Law dispute?

Why not simply use free online “separation agreements”?

The more money in your pocket the better, right? Whilst this last statement is undoubtedly true, the reality is that engaging a solicitor will most likely lead to better outcomes for you. More importantly, you will have someone who is experienced in the process and objective in their approach to a stressful situation, by your side every step of the way to guide you through a difficult and challenging time.

Be cautious of online templates. Everyone’s situation is different. Without proper tailoring, templates can end up being not legally binding. They may be missing important terms specific to your particular circumstances or have unnecessary inclusions.

What might seem like a quick and easy solution now, may end up costing you much more down the track.

Online resources do provide relevant general information for you about family law and separation (ours included). They are a great starting point, however to fully understand your rights and entitlements you should speak to an experienced solicitor. Taking sound legal advice is the best way to ensure you are putting your best case forward or that you are agreeing to fair terms in any settlement.

The people directly involved in disputes of any kind, are generally too close and involved to be able to properly separate the important issues and facts from those which may particularly annoy them but are often not necessarily relevant or helpful in finding a legal resolution.

One of the primary roles solicitors play in any matter is to be objective. They are not personally involved and therefore are better equipped to identify the relevant facts and apply the law to those facts.

Engaging a solicitor can be daunting particularly when your matter relates to the most personal details of your life. It is often difficult to talk about your separation with your family and friends, let alone a complete stranger. Because of our experience and training we are equipped to have these open discussions in confidence, without judgment and take you through the options available to you to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Often our clients use our services for the whole divorce related process but the choice is entirely up to you. There is of course no obligation to engage a solicitor from the beginning to the end of your separation, divorce, property settlement or children matters. DBL Solicitors can tailor our assistance to suit your personal circumstances.

Should you need someone to help guide you through the whole process, or discuss your options, please contact one of our experienced family lawyers today.

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